Tools for showing people around

Beek is a friendly Virtual Reality platform with tools that help you easily show people around your facilities and anywhere else they need to see to help with their decision.

Would it be easier if people could see for themselves?

Those who are trying to choose the right place to go need to be sure they're going to like it.

Make it an easy choice by showing them around face to face, over the phone or on your website.

Make the most of your opportunities to impress

Wherever you engage your market make sure you stand out and are memorable


Immersive Presentations

Walk your audience through your facilities and local area showing them what they need to see on the big screen or your tablet. Pair your laptop with your tablet for remote control.

VR Guided Experience

Use your mobile phone in a VR headset to give you prospect the experience of being there. Pair with your tablet to broadcast their view and guide their journey.

Virtual Familiarisation

Talk someone through your facilities and location over the phone and use the tools to control their view and show them around as you go.

Collaborative Marketing

Work with complementary organisations, representatives and partners to tell a more complete story and reach a wider audience.



Create a beautiful experience that tells the story

1. Choose scenes, book a photographer
or supply your own good 360s.

2. Write a narrative to take the audience
on a journey
and let the story develop

3. Add video, sound and voices to enhance
the experience
with personality

4. Use Beek on your website and when
you're talking over the phone

5. Download onto your tablet or laptop
to take with you and use offline

6. Use your phone with a VR headset
for the full experience


Online Guide

$ 600 /yr
  • Select your scenes
  • your website and email
  • Virtual famil using the phone
  • Reporting
  • Phone/Email Support

Offline Guide

$ 900 /yr
  • Select your scenes
  • Online guide
  • Download in app
  • VR Mode for headset
  • Phone/Email Support

Admin Licence

$ 1500 /yr
  • Online & Offline Guides
  • Guide variations
  • voiceovers & video
  • Add new scenes
  • Phone/Email Support

Platform Licence

$ 3000 /yr
  • Unlimited scenes
  • Unlimited guides
  • Publish VR apps
  • Manage accounts
  • Full training and support

Do you want to partner with us?

We work with a range of organisations to showcase regions, groups and institutions to their target audience.
If you`re in the business of bringing people to a place, we can help you tell the story in the different way with group discounts or revenue opportunities.
We partner with councils, development agencies, regional or cluster coordinators, agents and resellers to maximise the opportunities for organisations to show more people around.

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